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Resort Divi
Aruba Nature Crystal 36mm


Give personality to your guardrail!

Our glass balustrades add luminosity and creativity to your staircase and are exceptionally beautiful. They are very safe and meet all building standards for railings. Plus, with a 1.5″ ThinkGlass balustrade, there’s no need for a handrail! 

Let the little ones put their fingers on it, nothing will show!

Opt for a safe railing that lets the light shine through and won’t block the view!

  • 01 Résidence Levine - New Hampshire, USA Artistique - Crystal - 12mm
  • 02 Résidence Levine - New Hampshire, USA Artistique - Crystal - 12mm
  • 03 Résidence Levine - New Hampshire, USA Artistique - Crystal - 12mm
  • 04 Résidence Pilon - Boucherville, QC Natura - Crystal - 12mm
  • 05 Résidence Pilon - Boucherville, QC Natura - Crystal - 12mm
  • 06 Résidence Privée - Blainville, QC Artistique - Crystal - 36mm
  • 07 Résidence Malone - USA Vibratil - Crystal - 12mm
  • 08 Resort Divi - Aruba Natura - Crystal - 36mm
  • 09 Résidence Tanguay - Terrebonne, QC Lini - Crystal - 12mm
  • 10 Avantas - Montréal, QC Lino - Crystal - 12mm



Give your railing a vibrant personality with one of our completely permanent textures that hide fingerprints and dirt, are easy to clean and prevent scratches. Whether organic, natural, geometric or custom, the texture you choose from our vast selection will be unique because it is applied by hand without any template.










We manufacture our balustrades from high quality glass pieces that come in 4 different and beautiful shades.

Aqua: The rich and deep natural colour of glass.

Crystal: A low iron glass that provides excellent light transmission. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the appearance varies from almost transparent to ocean blue.

Anthracite: A new colour that camouflages the blue hues of the glass, giving a more neutral tint and even more warmth to the edge-infused LED light.

Bronze: This new colour brings richness and depth to the glass.

***Note: Due to a shortage of raw material, our Anthracite glass is currently not available for purchase.


Balustrades are usually ½” thick with beautiful textures.

But for a balustrade without a handrail, ThinkGlass can offer its vertically installed 1.5″ glass that will act as both a balustrade and a handrail … an unexpected look for a walkway or staircase.


Balustrades can be made in any shape and size you want.

Talk to one of our experts about designing your staircase! Whether it is straight or in a spiral shape, your staircase deserves railing that is original, safe and incomparably beautiful.


Our team will provide the best hardware solutions for your stairs project in terms of design, installation, safety and cost.


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