Our Environment


Recycling, Reusing, Reinventing

The environment has been at the heart of ThinkGlass’s concerns since its inception. We work with a pure and inert material that will not release any VOCs into the environment. To deliver a flawless product, we have adapted our techniques and work habits to make the environment one of our corporate missions. ThinkGlass is proud to be a leader in the glass fusion industry in terms of environmental innovation.

      • Wastewater is filtered
      • Glass waste sent to third party for reuse
      • Glass scraps are reused
      • Nonconforming parts are revalorized
      • Eco-responsible second quality wood from a local family sawmill is used for packaging our glass.Visit La Vallonnière
      • Annual garbage collection: the head office team is invited for this big clean-up over 1 km.

Short term projects:

      • Recovery of rainwater
      • Reuse of glass waste in new projects


Conversion of nonconforming parts

All of our pieces are custom-made to your specifications and to our strictest quality standards. Glass fusion is still a traditional process and each piece is inspected with a magnifying glass to ensure impeccable quality. A small stain, uneven texture, bubbles, shine… What to do with these pieces that cannot be delivered? This is where the word conversion takes on its full value! The nonconforming pieces are recut and redesigned to offer you exceptional revalued works! Ask about our “as is” pieces!




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