Veterans Park – Fayetteville NC / Crystal – Natura – 96mm

Let the passage of time shine forever

Forget stone materials with a dull lustre. ThinkGlass produces monuments in the shape and thickness of your choice to commemorate life or significant events that deserve living forever in the light.

Our glass artists follow your inspiration to create pieces with shapes and sizes as different as they are remarkable. Let beauty be your guide!

  • 01 Parc des Vétérans - Fayetteville NC Crystal - Natura - 96mm
  • 02 Casino Lac Leamy - Gatineau Artistique - 96mm
  • 08 Résidence Privée - Kansas City KS Artistique - 36mm Design Landy Gardner
  • 10 Cimetière Montréal - Montréal Aqua - Artistique - 36mm


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