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Bring your staircase to a new level

Make your staircase the heart of your home! Glass’s translucency, wear resistance and strength make it the perfect material for stair treads. ThinkGlass offers the most spectacular option on the market.

In addition to meeting all safety standards, our stair treads are available in a stunning array of beautiful colours and textures.

  • 01 Résidence Sedona Moongate - Arizona, USA Architecte Rick Wilcoxson Natura - Crystal - 72mm
  • 02 Résidence Sedona Moongate - Arizona, USA Architecte Rick Wilcoxson Natura - Crystal - 72mm
  • 03 Siège Social PCL Construction - Edmonton, AB Brossa - Crystal - 48mm
  • 04 Résidence Chow - USA Lini - Crystal - 36mm
  • 04b Concessionnaire Mercedes - Brossard, QC Granula - Crystal - 48mm
  • 05 Résidence Bastarache - Bécancour, QC Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 06 Résidence Privée - USA Architecte Perkins Minima - Crystal - 36mm
  • 07 Résidence Julie - USA Artistique - Crystal - 36mm
  • 08 Résidence Torres - USA Granula - Crystal - 96mm
  • 09 Résidence Toupin - Terrebonne, QC Vaga - Crystal - 36mm
  • 10 Résidence Privée - New York, USA Construction Debono Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 11 Résidence Privée - Pittsburgh, PA USA Construction Amuneal Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 12 Résidence Adam - USA Natura - Crystal - 36mm
  • 13 Résidence Privée - Fort Myers, FL Architecte DeQuervain Brossa - Crystal - 36mm
  • 14 Résidence Privée - USA Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 15 Condominium Sapphire - Miami, FL Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 16 Résidence Privée - New York, USA Construction Debono Granula - Crystal - 36mm
  • 17 Résidence Walker - USA Brossa - Crystal - 36mm
  • 18 Résidence Nelson - Témicamingue, QC Granula - Crystal - 36mm



Beautiful tread edges are one of the main features of ThinkGlass staircases. Pure and rich like a diamond, our edges cannot be compared. Our treads, up to 6 inches, reach an unmatched transparency. Thanks to our exclusive technological approach, the layers of glass blend perfectly, leaving only a slight fusion line.

The ThinkGlass Difference

ThinkGlass treads have the smoothest, most translucent edge on the market. They show no visible lamination lines, whereas conventional techniques have glue lines that distort the purity of the glass … much like comparing real wood and laminated wood!

When it is backlit, all its splendour is diffused in the room!


Our engineer and his team will advise you on the required thickness for your project according to the structure, design and safety and construction standards.

Fully custom, the tread thickness starts at 1.5” (36 mm) and can reach up to 6″ (144 mm). No other material or glass tread compares to a 3 or 4″-thick ThinkGlass tread.


Give your stairs a vibrant personality with one of our completely permanent textures that provide a non-slip surface, prevent scratches and is very easy to clean. In addition, these textures offer a reassuring filter without affecting the sought-after translucency and brightness. Whether organic, natural, geometric or custom, the texture you choose from our vast selection will be unique because it is applied by hand without any template or mould.








We manufacture our treads from high quality glass pieces that come in 4 different and beautiful shades.

Aqua: The rich and deep natural colour of glass.

Crystal: A low iron glass that provides excellent light transmission. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the appearance varies from almost transparent to ocean blue.

Anthracite: A new colour that camouflages the blue hues of the glass, giving a more neutral tint and even more warmth to the edge-infused LED light.

Bronze: This new colour brings richness and depth to the glass.

***Note: Due to a shortage of raw material, our Anthracite glass is currently not available for purchase.


Enjoy your glass treads night and day! Add lighting for a new dimension to your space. Not only will your staircase be a utilitarian object, it will become a unique work of art! LEDs diffuse and create an unparalleled atmosphere. Say goodbye to traditional wall lighting! You can even choose different colour tones to brighten your mood. Our simple LED lighting solutions are recessed in the glass and plug in with no need for an electrician and come with a multi-function controller.



Dark blue

Dark green



Dark red

Red blue




Choose a work of art under your feet! Our master glass artists can create a personalized sketch using discreet or vibrant shades, bursts of colour or follow your own design! Possibilities are endless.

Forget vertical art pieces, ThinkGlass brings you functional and durable works of art.


ThinkGlass treads can be created in all sizes and shapes to fit any space, from grand staircases for the entrance to spiral staircases for a tiny room.


Our team will provide the best hardware solutions for your projects in terms of design, installation, safety and cost.

The garage remodel was a very satisfying project and the lit glass treads are an eye-catching highlight. Looks awesome. Puts a smile on my face every evening when I come home. Thanks!

Sreeni Jonnalagadda, MD


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