ThinkGlass has the largest fused glass manufacturing facility in the world. State-of-the-art technological facilities combined with innovative techniques and an environmentally friendly approach enable us to deliver exceptional high-end glass projects around the world.

For over 20 years, ThinkGlass master glassmakers have worked hand-in-hand with homeowners, designers, architects and engineers to create spectacular pieces that meet the highest standards of the building industry and amaze with every new look. Investing in a ThinkGlass piece is like touching a dream and making it a timeless reality!Investing in a ThinkGlass piece is like touching a dream and making it a timeless reality!

The ThinkGlass Difference

ThinkGlass stands out for its ability to produce ultra-thick (up to 8 inches) and translucent glass with pure organic textures and a smooth edge that shines like a diamond. Beyond the timeless beauty of its product, it is its personalised and humane support and environmentally friendly approach that sets the ThinkGlass experience apart.



Epoch Solutions partnered with ThinkGlass several years ago and have enjoyed working on a number of stunning projects during this time. They have been fabulous to work with on even the most complex and detailed of designs. Each job has its own set of challenges from an engineering standpoint and they have always been eager to help problem solve with us. Their team is consistently professional in their approach to every project. The product speaks for itself and we find that it really does sell itself. Our clients are enamoured with a ‘love at first sight’ experience when it comes to the beauty of the glass. It is of great comfort to have such a company with integrity standing behind each piece of glass art.


We are very satisfied with our investment. You perfectly understood our research and our request. You advised us, explained the advantages and disadvantages of the various possible choices and gave us a quick quote. The product is exceptional. We are very happy. Our friends and family are blown away by our work of art, because it is a work of art! Congratulations to your company for offering us such beautiful products. And thank you for the competence, the follow-up and the kindness that you have shown us throughout the realization of our project.


My glass counter is still in its box. It will be installed at the beginning of March, as there is other work to be completed on the 3rd floor before placing your magnificent custom-made piece in the bathroom. This jewel deserves a beautiful setting. As far as your sales department is concerned, I am delighted. Your attentiveness, the various finishing proposals and finally the production order are very rigorous and show a flawless professionalism.


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