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Backed by unique and proven technology and boundless passion, ThinkGlass’s team of master glass artists pushes the boundaries of ingenuity to deliver extraordinary projects.

With over 20 years of experience in glass transformation, ThinkGlass is proud to offer reliable, safe and stunningly beautiful products while assisting you in creating your dream space.

The perfect symbiosis of creativity, craftsmanship, ingenuity and technology.

Our MISSION is to provide architects, designers and homeowners around the world with the most beautiful architectural glass products with exemplary service that exceeds all expectations.

Our VISION is to innovate every day, to continually push the technical envelope, to develop nature-based textures and to remain the undisputed world leader in the creation of glass countertops and stair treads.

En plus d’être magnifiques, nos créations détiennent des propriétés très avantageuses :


      • Matériaux nobles
      • Intemporel et polyvalent
      • Extrêmement résistant
      • Facile d’entretien
      • Hygiénique
      • 100% recyclable
      • Sans VOC


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