Terms and conditions

Quotes for Glass Countertops or Other Applications

The most recent quote always replaces any previous ones. Any changes to the quantities and specifications can cause a change in cost.

Unless specifically indicated, the prices do not include installation and taxes.

Prices are FOB Montreal, Qc Canada. When Shipping outside Canada or USA, the client will have to take care of custom brokerage, duties and taxes.

The production lead time will be calculated from approval of shop drawings and receipt of order.

When agreed upon the estimate, ThinkGlass will send an order confirmation with all the details of the order and our “Terms and Conditions”, these documents shall constitute the only agreement between the parties. Purchase order or other documents supplied by the buyer will not supersede.

Any changes to our quotation will require a revised quotation.

Quotes are valid for 60 days.


Purchasing Countertops or Other Glass Applications

For all sales outside of Canada, the currency is in US dollars.

For all sales outside of Canada, ThinkGlass only sell to the trade (businesses, reseller, dealers, etc.). United State Companies must have a valid FED \ IRS \ EIN identification number.

Canadian customers will be charged with applicable taxes and in Canadian Dollars.

For all sales outside of Canada, final payments must be a wire transfer, a certified check or a bank draft.

The final cost will be determined by ThinkGlass according to the last valid quote sent to the customer. Any changes to the quantities and specifications indicated in this last quote can lead to a change in cost. All prices are FOB Montreal.

All orders are custom-made. A small variation in texture, bubbles or small delaminated surfaces is normal and does not make the product defective.

A 35% deposit is required before production begins. By sending the deposit, the client agrees to ThinkGlass “Terms and Conditions”.

The balance must be paid before the product is shipped and will be invoiced approximately 4 weeks before the merchandise is ready to ship.

For projects over US $50,000, ThinkGlass may require a progress draw on a predetermined schedule during production.

Cancellation Cost: Customers who cancel any orders after items are manufactured will be charged full price for such items. Partially manufactured items will be charged at a prorated price. The 35% down payment deposits are non-refundable.


Countertops or Other Glass Applications Delivery

Delivery will be calculated from the date we receive the deposit and purchase order when required.

ThinkGlass has very exacting packaging standards. Special care is taken to make sure that our employees follow these standards to the letter.

Customers will be charged storage fees at the rate of $100.00 per week for orders put on hold during the production process or not paid for by the customer within 10 business days of the customer receiving notification of completion of the order.

All our shipping estimations are based on commercial shipping with access to a 53 ft van. Crates are delivered to loading docks. For residential deliveries, up charges may apply.

Shipping fare will be reconfirmed prior to the final billing as delivery conditions might have changed from the date of order


Countertops or Other Glass Applications Installation

ThinkGlass is not responsible for the installation of supplied glass. Mounting hardware is not included unless noted.

ThinkGlass is not responsible for the engineering of structural support system. Our installation suggestion is solely based on our past experience and must be approved by the state/province certified professionals with knowledge of specific building code and regulations.

We can provide LED system to complement our glass applications, please note that our LED systems are not UL/CSA label, but a certification can be provided at extra cost.


Pictures of the Final Result of Our Glass Applications

ThinkGlass is very proud of its products and would love to have photos of all final installations for our files and promotional use. If the customer cannot supply them, the Customer grants ThinkGlass the right to have such photos taken at Think glass’s cost.


This agreement is governed by and construed under the Law of the Province of Quebec to the exclusion of all other laws of any other province or country. Any claims, action or proceeding shall be brought in Quebec and that the court of Quebec shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of such claim, action, or proceeding


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