Glass applications for the residential sector

A world leader in thermoformed glass applications, ThinkGlass customs designs such as glass stair treads, shower enclosures, kitchen, bar and bathroom countertops and more, according to your needs. Our exclusive technology creates a durable, functional and resistant glass surface:

  • Glass countertops up to 6 inches thick;
  • Jointless glass countertops, up to 7 x 10 feet;
  • Perfectly smooth finish: possibility of adding a wide variety of textures to each piece and installing LED lighting;
  • Unique design with the possibility of adding a touch of originality by our artist and master glassmaker, Michel Mailhot;
  • As durable as any other countertop material on the market.

Thermoformed glass is a versatile material and is perfect for homeowners seeking a unique piece or eye-catching design style.

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