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Thermoformed glass is not just
about the texture. It is about art.


ThinkGlass’s essence

ThinkGlass is the world leader in thermoformed glass. Created in 1999, it is still at the top of the glass industry, of which the company is extremely proud of. Fuelled by master glassmaker Michel Mailhot’s passion and the help of his dedicated team, ThinkGlass continues to evolve and reinvent itself to remain at the cutting edge. It is our technology that built our reputation, but it is our creativity that makes ThinkGlass unique.

While product quality and customer satisfaction are ensured by our innovative techniques, ultramodern facilities and custom manufacturing, the handmade finish applied to each piece is what makes our products stand out. ThinkGlass can create impressive glass pieces that meet your needs, in the thickness and shape you require. We have the largest thermoformed glass manufacturing plants in the world with 21 kilns, all specifically designed for our technology. These facilities give us the flexibility we need to program and efficiently carry out all your projects, whether it is large or small, simple or complex.

Michel Mailhot

President, artist and master glassmaker

Behind each ThinkGlass creation lies the talent of the person who developed the thermoforming technique: artist and master glassmaker Michel Mailhot. Immersed in the world of fine arts, Michel Mailhot has designed glass pieces since 1975. Thanks to his technical know-how, craftsmanship and manufacturing skills, he quickly made a name for himself and has been at ThinkGlass’s helm since the very beginning. No piece leaves the ThinkGlass plants without Michel and his team adding their special handmade touch. Michel Mailhot’s artistic talents create impressive works of art, architectural pieces and one-of-a-kind additions to any project. He has experimented with thermoformed glass for nearly three decades now, making him the most experienced glass artisan in North America.

The distinctiveness of thermoformed glass

ThinkGlass makes thermoformed glass creations for the residential and
commercial sectors, but also for different architectural
and artistic applications.


Why opt for thermoformed glass? This innovative technique and technology, using our specially designed kilns, lets us design glass pieces of nearly unlimited thickness.

In addition to their beauty, ThinkGlass creations offer many advantages:

Noblest of materials Timelessness : glass is versatile and suits all design styles Highly resistant Easy maintenance Hygienic 100% recyclable Incomparable pieces that can be used for all sorts of applications

Each piece is beautiful, completely customizable and a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Get inspired
of our achievements





Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our products and services. As a world leader in glassmaking, ThinkGlass’s mission is to provide effective and personalized services to our clientele across Canada, the U.S., and Europe.